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In the past 26 years, Patricia Appleton – MSW, LCSW, DCSW has help thousands of people to overcome their anxiety and family problems. Read what some of them think of our company and our services in Baton Rouge, LA.  If you happen to be one of this people, feel free to say what you think of us!

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 9 reviews

Thank you for your help. Patricia Appleton is very knowledgeable and professional. She also cares about her patients. I would recommend her to everyone.

My boyfriend and I had some issues that were not a big problem at first, but in time, they got way out of hand. I decided to look for couples counseling in town, and I think that hiring you was the perfect choice because our relationship has not been so good for quite some time now. Thank you!

I have never experienced the same anxiety counseling effects with any of the professionals I have worked with before, and the symptoms kept reoccurring all the time. With you, on the other hand, everything was very different. Thank you!

Your anxiety counseling truly had a great effect on me, and even my friends tell me that I seem more relaxed now than before. Thank you for your help, I really had a great time working with you! I appreciate it!

I want to thank you for your help! No marriage counselor in town has the same devoted approach as you, and I can say that because you are not the first person I have worked with. I really appreciate your services!

I was looking for a marriage counselor who could give us some guidance on how to continue with our relationship because the problems were getting out of hand. You were very compassionate, and I can honestly say that things are much better!


My son has made a total turnaround since coming here. In just four months we have had no more calls from his teacher or schoolmates' parents. I am able to talk with him now and actually feel connected and calm. I am so grateful to have my son back!

Highly recommended!

I really look forward to my visits with Patricia. Panic attacks are not fun and she gives great advice to help calm me. I appreciate her wisdom and thoughtful comments. She seems to know exactly what to say. I think she has a depth of information to draw from. I highly recommend her and her services!

Incredible marriage counselor!

Patricia Appleton is an incredible marriage counselor! Really understanding, professional, great personality...I can say from my personal experience that she really helped my marriage work and feel happy with one another.