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Marriage Counseling

Patricia Appleton – MSW, LCSW, DCSW has female and male marriage therapists for you to choose from, and we can inform you of their credentials, education, and therapy style to better assist you in your choice. Some marriage counseling therapists use forms of active listening or role playing. There are others who encourage letter writing and journaling. Some may encourage things to do like couples retreat weekends as a way to strengthen and enliven the relationship outside of therapy sessions. Most use a combination of therapy strategies tailored to what they see occurring within the functionality and makeup of the relationship. And if you are unhappy with your marriage counseling therapist, we have a large staff and can help match you up with another more reliable and compatible counselor in Baton Rouge, LA.

Young couple taking their first session.You must face the reality that after a number of marriage counseling sessions you may determine that your core beliefs or issues truly are incompatible and different with your spouse’s and you may decide to sever the relationship. Our trained counselors can continue working with you through the transition to a recovery from the unsuccessful relationship. It’s possible that you’re already tired of ignoring a strained relationship and finally realize that seeking help might be a better way to handle it. We know the first step is usually the hardest but each step it’s actually becoming easier. Make the call to Patricia Appleton – MSW, LCSW, DCSW today at (225) 244-9982 before your relationship deteriorates and become beyond repair.